Paweł Teisseyre, PhD

Paweł Teisseyre

Assistant Professor
Institute of Computer Science
Polish Academy of Sciences
Office: Jana Kazimierza 5 01-248 Warsaw
Email: teisseyrep at ipipan dot waw dot pl
Phone: + 48 22 380-05-55


My name is Paweł Teisseyre. I am a research assistant at the Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences. I work with the Statistical Analysis and Modelling Group.

My research interests focus on:

  1. statistics (in particular model and feature selection in regression and classification models, high-dimensional problems, incorrect model specification, finding interactions between variabls),
  2. data mining and machine learning (in particular multilabel learning, feature selection in multi-label learning),
  3. text mining,
  4. biomedical data analysis.

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